In Calls tab you will find the history of calls with their statuses, information about leads and recordings and many more.

  1. Filters

You can select group of calls or find specific call easily using filers. Click Show filters and you will see the following options:

  • Date range - you can select from determined period.

  • Status - you can see eg. scheduled calls only.

  • Call ID - you can find particular call.

  • Phone number - you can enter your client’s number and find a lead.

  • Widget - you can enter widget ID and find calls from this particular widget only.

  • Users - you can choose one of your team members to see all calls served by him.

  • URL - you can choose URL from which calls have been ordered.

  • Tags - if you use tags you can use them as a filter also.

2. Calls limit

In Calls tab you always see how many calls have you already used within current settling period.

3. Statuses

There are several statuses of calls in CallPage


  • Completed (green tick) - the call was successfully completed.

  • Missed by representative (red phone) - unfortunately, your managers didn't answer the call.

  • Missed by visitor (grey phone) - visitor of your website doesn't answer the call or was busy at that moment.

  • Scheduled (orange calendar)  - a visitor picked up a timeslot for a call with manager. System will automatically call the visitor and connect you at the right time. Before a call visitor will receive an SMS notification.

  • Scheduled (green calendar) - scheduled call. It’s green if CallPage already attempted to call back.

  • Scheduled (red calendar) - there is possibility to cancel scheduled call. If you do that the calendar icon will become red.

  • Scheduled (grey calendar) - if all of your managers are OFF it is not possible to order a call for a specific date. So user can order a call but it’s without a date so system will not call back automatically (manual recall may be required). Please note that you can also block ordering a call for a specific date at all. You will find this option in Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Settings >> Advanced >> Enable scheduling a call without a date.

  • Scheduled attempt (grey phone2) - CallPage tried to make a call, but there were no managers available at that time.

  • New (grey plus icon) - this is a call which is just created in system and will be processed very soon.

  • Ringing (blue phone) - CallPage system is ringing right now. The called party is receiving call. Waiting for picking up.

  • In progress (blue phone2) - the call is in progress. Manager is talking with user right now.

  • ASAP (grey plus icon) - if user orders a call on your website but all your call operators are busy he has three possibilities: Schedule a call, Leave a message, Wait for a manager. Option "Wait for a manager" generates ASAP call - as soon as one of your call operators is available, quick callback to the user will be generated

  • Message (grey plus icon) - CallPage offers three contact types: quick callback, scheduled call and message. If user leaves a message on your pop-up you can find it in Leads.

4. Lead card

When you open particular call (by clicking on pencil icon) you are redirected to details of this call. There are such information as:

  • Status of call.

  • Information about the lead: phone number, localization, IP address, network, additional data (if contact has fulfilled Custom fields. e.g. Name, email), message (if contact has left a message), recording (you can download it. Just click three red dots),  related calls (if any), source - there are the following options:

  • Search

  • Social

  • Unknown

  • Internal

  • Email

  • Invalid


  • Widget ID.

  • Representative who has served the call.

  • There is also possibility to add tags and notes to calls.

5. Threads

Calls are organized into threads. If there are two or more related calls you can see the number in brackets next to the call status icon. If you open this call you will see related calls (you can open each of them too).

Calls are related for example if there is a scheduled call and system automatically generates a callback - this callback will be in one thread with an order.

6. Export

Red button EXPORT enables you to download a spreadsheet with data from your panel (you can use filters before).

7. Phone icon

There is a button with phone icon here which enables you to call your customer directly through the panel.


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