You can use filters e.g. to see stats for particular widget or for specified time range.


By default you always see total number of calls. However you can select one of the following metric:

  • Calls (real-time)

  • Calls (scheduled)

  • Success calls (percentage)

  • Average call duration

  • Visitors

  • Pop-up opens

  • Conversion: Calls/Opens

  • Conversion: Opens/Visits

You can also enter two different values if you want to compare them. 

Group by

You can group your stats by: hour, day, week or month.

3.Additional information

Below the chart you will find some extra information such as:


Average call duration

Opens - please note: only opens through scoring rules are counted.

Success call rate - succes call means completed call which lasts more than 10 seconds.

Calls - all call attempts (regardless of the status). Includes scheduled calls also. You will learn more about possible call statuses here (link do Calls tab).

4.Call statuses

Here you will find another chart with statuses of all completed calls (without calls scheduled for the future). 

5.Top 10 pages

Here you will find the list of pages from which your visitors order calls most frequently. You can download the list in CSV or Excel.

Top scoring rules

You can see which of your scoring rules are applied as often as not.

Clear cache - the data is stored for 4-8 hours. If you click Clear cache it will refresh immediately.

Save dashboard to PDF - you can download Dashboard with charts as PDF.

Download dashboard report - you can download the data from dashboard in Excel. You can decide which details your file is suppose to include.

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