You can use a few types of different statistics in CallPage dashboard: 

Numerical statistics

You can create numerical statistics that display a summary of data for the selected time duration: 

  • Calls (total) 
  • Calls (real-time) 
  • Calls (scheduled) 
  • Calls (ASAP)
  • Messages (total) 
  • Success calls (%)
  • Avg. call duration 
  • Visitors
  • Pop-up opens
  • Button Clicked
  • Conversion: Calls/Visitors
  • Conversion: Calls/Opens
  • Conversion: Opens/Visitors
  • Conversion: Calls/Button clicked
  • Live calls (call processing at that moment)


Using charts will help you visualize your data in a simple way. You can choose from the statistics presented above and:

  • Top scoring rules
  • Call statuses
  • Top 10 pages

Using drag and drop you can select a place for your statistics: 

Feel free to choose data that suit your needs the best and set them up accordingly.

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