Check out our simple tutorial on how to integrate CallPage with Facebook Lead Ads:

  1. Enter Integrations tab

2. Choose Facebook Lead Ads here: 

3. Authenticate with Facebook by logging in and then choosing the Facebook page for your integration:

4. Click Done: 

5. Your integration is ready: 

6. Now all you need to do is to create a Facebook Lead Ad. Don’t know how to get started? Learn more in this articles - LINK or LINK 

7. IMPORTANT! Remember to add a Phone number as a customized question in your Ad: 

Without the phone number CallPage won’t be able to call your customers.

8.  Remember to schedule the ads only when your consultants are available to make a phone calls

If the ads are running all the time and if someone fills up the form then they won't be able to pick up the phone.

9. Your ad will display on Facebook as well as Instagram: 

9. After clicking Sign up your customers need to fill the form: 

10. When the lead clicks Next the call is initiated: 

Have any questions? We’d be delighted to answer them! Just contact us. 

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