To create consultants who are going to answer the calls, please go to ‘My team’ tab and start adding your team. Let’s begin by adding a consultant:

1. Click on the My Team tab: 

The first consultant by default is the Account Owner - the person who registered and set up the account.

2. Click Add Consultant

3. Enter the necessary details of your consultant (name, phone number). Here you can also choose the role for your consultant (level of access in the CallPage account): 

4. For security reasons, please verify the number. You can choose either: Send code via SMS or Call. Type the validation code and submit it using the form below. 

5. Assign your consultant to the widget by clicking Edit consultant > Assignments:

6. Choose widgets or numbers for the consultant: 

7. You can also choose groups for your consultant (choose only from existing groups): 

8. The last step is to select notifications for your consultant (e-mail, desktop or mobile):

Have any more questions? Contact us or browse our knowledge base! 

Learn how to manage consultants’ working hours here. 

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