Here, I will create a standard Zap, remember that you can create any Zaps you want. 

1. Click Add Step in your Zapier: 

2. Choose Action/Search  to connect with apps: 

3. Choose the app that suits your need the best. Here, I will create a Zap with Google Sheets so that I have my leads from CallPage also saved in a Google Sheet:


4. Select the sheet where you want to store your leads data:

5. Log in to your Google Account: 

6. Here you can provide all the information on the sheet you selected:

7. Your first Zap is almost ready to go:

8. Switch it ON: 

9. Congratulations! Your Zap is ready! 

From here on, all your leads data from CallPage will automatically store in this sheet.

We hope that you will enjoy working with our widget!

Should you have any questions about CallPage, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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