CallPage and LiveChat integration allows you to offer free callback to your website visitors inside LiveChat

The CallPage integration with LiveChat is the first of its kind. You can now let your customers access you by phone from anywhere in the world without ever leaving the LiveChat window.

Now your website visitors Can order a callback while they are chatting with an agent on the website within the LiveChat window. No additional hardware or software needed! It will help you achieve more sales calls, move deals faster through the pipeline and wow your customers.

What do you gain? 

  • Call your prospects while chatting with them live

  • Solve your customers’ issues immediately via a phone call

  • All data about your leads and calls are saved in the CallPage panel including call recordings

How does it work? 

  1. You need to have both CallPage and LiveChat accounts

  2. Chat live with the prospects in the LiveChat window

  3. Send them the CallPage callback request widget via LiveChat and offer an instant phone call

  4. The customer enters their phone number and clicks “Call”

  5. The agent receives the call and talks with the prospect

  6. Check call recordings and all data about the call in the CallPage dashboard

Sounds amazing, right? Get it now with CallPage Basic plan for free

The CallPage & LiveChat integration will help you deliver exceptional customer support and assist you in generating additional sales opportunities from your website visitors instantly via a phone call.

How to set up the integration?

  1. Log in to your LiveChat account.

  2. Navigate to app marketplace and choose CallPage from the list. 

  3. Choose widgets that you want to connect with LiveChat. We recommend creating a dedicated widget for this integration.

  4. Authenticate with CallPage. 

  5. And voila, your integration is ready to go and will show up on your Integrations list.

  6. Make sure that your consultants are assigned to the chosen widget! They should have access to their phone to answer calls from Livechat. 

How does this integration look? 

  1. When the integration is ready, head over to your LiveChat account. 

  2. While chatting, your customers can ask to call him.

3. Consultants can send a special button that will create a callback option. To do it enter the consultant’s view for that chat and click here: 

4. Choose the widget that will be used to create the callback and click “Send widget”:

5. The rich message is sent to the customer: 

6. They will see the button to choose the callback option and click “Call me now”: 

7. There is a field to enter the phone number: 

8. Once they click “Call me now” the call is then processed to the consultant:

9. Your leads from LiveChat are saved in the CallPage dashboard with all the important data and call recording: 

Enjoy this integration and in case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us :) 

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