If you want to integrate CallPage with your account on Google Analytics you should do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Widgets and edit widget.




Step 2: Next go to Integrations and create new integration.




Step 3: From the list of available integrations choose Google Analytics, fill in the number of your account on Google Analytics and save.




And... It's ready! You can find the code on your account on Google Analytics:




Which data will be sent to your account in Google Analytics?

  • Created calls (call.created)
  • Completed calls (call.completed)
  • Call in progress (call.in-progress)
  • Clicked button (button.clicked)
  • Opened widget (widget.opened)
  • New e-mail addresses (data.added)


All data sent by CallPage can be accessed in Google Analytics:  Behavior > Events  > Overview  > CallPage


If you have any problems with the integration of CallPage with Google Analytics, call or write us.


We will help you with that.

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