Livespace is the CRM which helps organise your teams, ensuring everyone knows the next step to winning their deals. 

In Livespace you will find a ready to use sales process you can customize to your business needs.

CallPage and Livespace: what do you gain?

If you integrate  CallPage with Livespace, your leads will be automatically redirected from CallPage panel to Livespace CRM. You will no longer have to log on to CallPage panel so you will save a lot of time! 

Step 1

Log in to your CallPage account and go to Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) 

Step 2

Then go to Integrations >> Create

Step 3

Choose Livespace from the list

Step 4

Fulfill necessary data and click Save

You will find all necessary data in Livespace panel in Account settings >> API >> Public API

All leads you receive will be automatically redirected from your CallPage account to Livespace.

 We hope that you will enjoy working with our widget!

If you have any questions regarding CallPage don't hesitate to contact us.

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