How to customize widgets?

Widget’s customization that you need to know

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You can customize your widget and make it the most suitable for your needs and industry. Let’s go through a quick tutorial, which will help you personalize your first widget and boost incoming leads.

1. Go to the Widgets tab: 

 2. Enter Edit widget settings

3. Choose the subtab Widget’s View

4. Here are the most important settings related to the appearance of the pop-up, button, tooltip and eyecatcher. Also, here’s a preview of our widget: 

5. Let's start personalizing with a pop-up. First, please choose the language of your widget. There are over 20 languages to choose from: 

6. Choose the color of your widget. You can use the basic colors or specify your own color: 

7. Add your company's logo to your widget, it is a very simple and effective procedure that will immediately match the widget to your website:

8. You can also change the background of your widget to make it look even more professional (switch the opacity too): 

9. Now let’s move to text. You can personalize every single copy that you see in the pop-up and create your own. To change the text please click on it on the widget preview and start writing: 

10. Customization of the button:

Here you can upload your own button if you wish. You are also able to choose the widget position, and when the widget will display on your website. 

11. Tooltip:

In Tooltip subtab, you can decide if you want to enable the tooltip or not, choose the time after the tooltip displays and personalize all copy in the tooltip. 

12. Eyecatcher:

You can choose an eyecatcher from our gallery or upload your own. Try what works best for you. 

13. Curious how your widget looks after personalization? Check it on preview your widget on a sample page in the Installation tab: 

Now your widget looks great and it is ready to gain you more potential customers

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