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Guidelines for operating in the CallPage Affiliate Program
Guidelines for operating in the CallPage Affiliate Program
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As part of the Program, we do not allow the following activities:

  1. Introducing malware into the Application, Partner Platform or software under which the Partner Panel was made available to you or violating any other provisions of the terms and conditions of use (regulations, etc.);

  2. Publishing Materials on advertising space with content of a racist, pornographic nature, containing threats, inciting aggression, prohibited by law or violating the rights of third parties or otherwise violating good manners;

  3. Dishonest positioning of Materials in search engines, including as part of prohibited positioning techniques, such as link exchange systems (SWL), the use of keywords unrelated to the content of the website, in particular in meta-tags;

  4. Promoting the Services or the Program as part of paid advertisements, in particular through Google Ads - unless CallPage gives its prior consent to such action, expressed in writing under pain of nullity, and determines the scope and manner of such action in advance;

  5. Duplicating a page containing Materials in multiple places;

  6. Placing our affiliate links in a form automatically activated after entering the Materials or in another place (e.g. opening an e-mail);

  7. Promoting Materials in comments, forums and other places in a manner inconsistent with the rules of such place;

  8. Making the use of our affiliate link dependent on other activities not related to our Services;

  9. Any other type of insistent or aggressive promotion of the Materials;

  10. Modifying our referral/affiliate links by changing their functionality;

  11. Any other actions leading to the violation of our rights or interests.

Taking the actions specified in this point by you may result in particular in the actions indicated in point 5. Partnership Program Regulations.

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