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The impact of cookies on CallPage performance
The impact of cookies on CallPage performance

Learn how cookies affect the CallPage system.

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In light of the requirement to implement Cookie Banners and Consent Mode on websites, we present an explanation and recommendation regarding the use of cookies by the CallPage system.

CallPage Features That Do Not Require Cookie Acceptance

The main CallPage features do not require the acceptance of cookies for the widget to function properly. This means that even if a user does not consent to the use of cookies, CallPage will still work correctly, and the user will be able to schedule a call or meeting through the widget.

Features That Require Cookie Acceptance

There are several CallPage features that require cookies to work correctly. These features include:

  1. Trace Route: This feature allows tracking the user's route on the website before using the CallPage widget, providing valuable insights into user behavior for better customization.

  2. Scoring Rules: Distinguishing New/Returning Users: With this feature, the CallPage system can differentiate new users from returning ones, enabling a more personalized approach to user interactions.

  3. Data Memorization: including Phone Number: This feature allows CallPage to remember data entered by users, such as phone numbers, making it easier for users to engage in the call or meeting scheduling process.

    Consequences of Cookie Non-Acceptance

    If a user does not consent to the use of cookies and blocks them in their browser, the mentioned features (Trace Route, Scoring Rules, Data Memorization) will not work. However, the essential functions of the CallPage widget, such as scheduling calls or meetings, will still operate correctly.


    If you are not using any of the features that require cookies (Trace Route, Scoring Rules, Data Memorization), CallPage will function correctly even after implementing a consent management platform or Consent Mode. No additional actions are necessary.

    However, if you are using any of the mentioned features, we recommend including CallPage cookies as Analytical Cookies when adding them to your website. This way, you can ensure the full functionality of these services while complying with cookie consent requirements.

    If you encounter any issues with the CallPage widget related to blocking specific features by your cookie consent management tool, please do not hesitate to contact our support department. Our specialists are ready to assist and resolve any integration issues with CallPage on your website.

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