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Quick answers to frequently asked questions

How to integrate the CallPage pop-up into a Call to Action (CTA) button
Call connection issue - troubleshootingIf you noticed some issue with call connection through your widget, please do the following troubleshooting steps.
Why the widget is not displaying on my website?
Can I have more than one widget on the website?
How to add checkboxes on a CallPage pop-up window?Check how to add checkboxes on a CallPage pop-up window.
Why is there a phone number already entered in the pop-up window?
What is Press Digit Mode?
How can I select URLs on which I want the widget to display?
What happens with calls ordered outside working hours?
Where to download the report?
How can I settle hours when the widget will display on my website?
How to verify your agent's number in the CallPage panel?
Why there is Night mode on my website all the time (pop-up with “Unfortunately, we are out of the office...)"?
Can I choose the access level of my team members to my CallPage account?
The impact of cookies on CallPage performanceLearn how cookies affect the CallPage system.
Can I change the number of users or call operators I need?
Can I increase the available call limit?
Who can purchase the Enterprise plan? Are there any restrictions on buying this plan?
What’s the difference between the plans? Which plan should I choose?
What’s the difference between a user license and a call operator?
How should I know how many calls do I need?
What is a successful call?
Does CallPage provide a free version?
What is White Labeling?
How to change the password?Learn how to change the password for your CallPage account
CallPage’s default Caller ID listList of default numbers displayed on agents' and customers' phones.