1. Connections do not work at all.

a) Please check the permissions for "permission number". Set the countries from
    which you want to receive calls. Unmarked countries are not available at typing the
    phone numbers in pop-up window. If none of country from the list will be marked,        the calls are unavailable. 

You can change these permissions by going to the Widgets tab ->  Calls -> Number Permissions -> International numbers permissions

b) Please check if your consultants are assigned to the appropriate widget. If yes,
it worth additionally to check if all consultants have set up work hours correctly. 

You can change working hours by going to the My team -> edit the consultant -> assignments -> set schedule

c) Check the correctness of consultant numbers.

For example, +44012345678  instead  +4412345678

The correct number format should starting with the + sign, then the country code, e.g. 48 (for Poland), followed by the phone number e.g. 123456789. In contrast, +480123456789 can cause a system error. That format of the consultant's number causes incorrect presentation of the number or in extreme cases - impossible to call this number.

Please report such cases to our Support Department. 

2. Calls have missed status.

Please check "busy mode" status.

You should always follow the following principle:

If the number assigned to the consultant is an individual number - 1 number is assigned to 1 consultant, regardless if is a cellphone or landline telephone, you should ALWAYS turn on "BUSY MODE".

You can change "BUSY MODE" by going Widgets -> edit widget settings -> Calls -> General Settings -> Busy mode

However, if the number is a callcenter  - 1 number is assigned to several people, "Busy Mode" should be turned off. 

You should also check to which widgets consultants are assigned. If a consultant is assigned to more than one widget you should set up the same busy mode option in all widgets for that consultant.

Is highly recommended avoiding mixing the individual number and CallCenter number in one widget.

3. Is unable to order connection due to the information "Sorry, we're not in the office right now."

Probably, the amount of available leads on your account has been run out. In that case, please contact with your account manager. 

To check the amount of available leads, please click the Leads tab in your CallPage Panel. 

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