• Partner registers own CallPage Partner account. Don’t have any? Register here.

  • Partner refers new clients  to CallPage. There are several ways how to do that. (Check here)

  • All clients referred from Partner will be shown in the Partner account under Clients tab. 

  • After Client upgrades to any of CallPage Plans available, Partner automatically receives Partner commission to his account - 25% from each Client’s payment during the first 12 months.

  • When Partner wishes to withdraw commission, the One should press button "Withdraw" in the main dashboard. 

  • Manager on behalf of CallPage will contact Partner in order to proceed further.

IMPORTANT: Partner cannot receive commission  in case of referring own regular CallPage Account.

Panel Overview

Below You will find descriptive explanations of all sections inside Partner Panel.

1. Dashboard

Balance: how much money is currently on your balance.

Withdrawal: you can withdraw money at anytime (min. 50). After pressing “Withdrawal” button, the manager on behalf of CallPage will contact you back.

Total commission: total amount of commission you have earned during the whole period of cooperation. 

Trials: number of potential clients, who are currently testing CallPage during the free trial.

Last 5 referral links: it is possible to check most recently created referral links with the exact number of clients registered via each referral link.

Top 5 referral links: it is possible to check what are Your top 5 referral links with exact number of clients registered via each referral link.

You can track active trials and subscriptions on the graph timeline.

2. Clients
Here You can see a list of all Your referrals.  List includes the following information:

  • Client ID

  • Email

  • Source (manual or link)

  • Pricebox (name of the plan or trial)

  • Expires (expiration date of current plan or trial)

  • Actions (it is possible to view basic Client’s details and reset password for them)

3. Transactions
You can check all the details regarding the date and amount of incoming Partner commissions and commission withdrawals.

4. Referral Links
You can find a list of all existing referral links here, as well as to find out the exact number of registered clients via each referral link.

5. Advertising Materials
In this section You can find a pack of useful marketing materials, which will help you to introduce CallPage solution to your Customers via various marketing campaigns.

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