There are several ways how You can refer a new Client to CallPage. In each case You must have your own Callpage Partner Account. If You don’t have any yet, go ahead and register it HERE.

1. Use individual referral links

After the registration of Partner Account You get an individual referral link, which redirects clients to the main registration form by default. You can find it in the main Dashboard and under Referral links tab.


It is possible to create different referral links as well (check out HERE).

Share this link with Your Potential Client. As soon as Client registers CallPage Account via Your Partner referral link, the information about Client will appear inside your Partner Account.

You can check the information about all clients, registered via Your Partner referral link under “Clients” tab.

2. Add Client directly from the Partner Panel

You can add new Client directly from the Partner Panel.

Go to > “Clients” tab and press “+”  button in the top right corner.

Then, enter the following Client’s information:

  • email

  • name

  • phone number

  • initial password

Keep “Send email” as YES

Click “Create”

Client automatically appears in the Clients list under “Clients” tab. Whereas Client receives an email with a link to verification of One’s CallPage account.

After Client verifies the account, free trial will be activated automatically.

3. Send Client’s details to
There is also a possibility to send Client’s information to before actual registration. 

You should include the following data:

  • full name

  • email address

  • phone number

  • company name

  • website URL

As soon as Client registers, the One will be assigned to the Partner’s Account.

*Don’t forget that You still must have a Partner Account.

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