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How to install CallPage on Shopify?
How to install CallPage on Shopify?

Check how to install CallPage on Shopify

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If your Shopify page is associated with a Google Tag Manager account, you can install the CallPage widget code by adding and publishing the tag in Google Tag Manager. You can find the link to the installation instructions below:

How to install CallPage widget using Google Tag Manager?

If you are not using Google Tag Manager, you can easily add the CallPage widget code by editing your theme's code:

To install CallPage on your Shopify store, go to the "Online Store" tab and then click the "Themes" tab:

In Current theme click "Actions" button, then "Edit code":

In the "Layout" Folder, select the theme.liquid file:

Then go to the CallPage dashboard to the Widgets tab -> edit widget settings -> Installation and copy the CallPage widget code to the clipboard:

Paste the copied CallPage code in the theme.liquid file before the </body> tag (it is located at the bottom of the theme.liquid code page). Please remember to click "Save button"

Code view example after pasting the CallPage widget code:

Please remember to add a trusted domain in the "Installation" tab in the CallPage Panel. The trusted domain is the address of your store. You can add it in the Installation tab:

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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