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How to install CallPage on Landingi
How to install CallPage on Landingi

Install the CallPage widget on your Landing page

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1. Log into your CallPage account. Select the Widgets tab. If you do not have any widgets yet, you can start one by clicking Create widget.

2. Go to the edition of widget settings.

3. In General settings, you can manage the site's URL address and widget name. If you change anything, remember to Save it.

4. Go to the Installation tab and Copy the whole installation code.

Install the code in Landingi

1. Go to the Dashboard of your landing page in Landingi.

2. Navigate to the JavaScript Code tab and click Add script.

TIP: You can enter Dashboard and JavaScript Code tabs directly from the editor.

3. Name the script and paste the code in the Content field. Choose the Body bottom position on the Main page.

4. Click Add.

5. The CallPage widget will start working on your landing page immediately.

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