To install the CallPage code using Google Tag Manager, make sure that

Google Tag Manager is installed on your website.

Then log in to your Google Tag Manager. In the main menu, click "Add a new Tag":

Change the tag name to "CallPage" and click on the "tag configuration" window:

Select "Custom HTML" from the list of tag types:

In the HTML window paste the CallPage code from the Widgets tab -> edit widget settings -> Installation:

Then select the rules under which the CallPage widget will run on your website:

If you want the CallPage widget to be displayed on all subpages of your website, select the "All Pages" option:

Tip: If you decide that the CallPage widget should not be displayed on some subpages, you can block it from appearing on specific "URL" addresses in the CallPage customer panel. To do this, go to the Widgets tab -> edit widget settings -> General -> URL's configuration

You may use wildcards, absolute paths or relative paths (e.g. *, /contact, /*/contact).

After adding the rules, click the "Save" button:

Go to the "Tags" tab in the Google Tag Manager dashboard and "Submit" your new tag:

Add a version name and description. Then click "Publish":

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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