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How to integrate CallPage with Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager?
How to integrate CallPage with Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager?

Check how to integrate CallPage with Google Analytics using GTM.

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Before proceeding with the configuration of CallPage integration with Google Analytics, remove the CallPage widget code from your website.

1. Please log in to your Google Tag Manager account. Then select the "Workspace" -> Templates -> "Search in Gallery" tab:

In "Import Tag Template" window find "Callpage Widget" and add the tag template:

2. After adding the CallPage tag template, go to the "Tags" -> "New":

3. Then go to "Tag configuration". In the tag selection window, in the "Custom" section, please select the "Callpage Widget ":

4. Enter the widget's ID:

You can find the Widget's ID in the CallPage Customer Panel in the Widgets tab -> edit widget settings (gear icon) -> Installation.

5. After entering the widget ID, add the events you are interested in, which should be implemented from CallPage to Google Tag Manager. (The name of the event can be freely changed).

In the "Advanced Settings", select "Tag firing options" and select "Unlimited":

Then add a rule, e.g. "All Pages", "save tag" and enter the tag name:

Go to the configuration of the Google Analytics tag settings:

1. First go to the "tags" tab and add a new tag:

2. Then choose tag type Google Analytics > Google Analytics: GA4 Event:

3. Add Measurement ID and Event Name:

4. Go to the "Triggering" tab:

Click the "plus" icon:

Click "Trigger Configuration". After that, as the rule type, select Other -> "Custom Event":

Enter the name of the event as one of the available events:










Provide an event name and select "Some Custom Events". Select the trigger rule according to the following formula: Event -> contains -> event name:

Other events, according to the above formula, can be added in the "Rules" window by clicking the "plus" icon:

After completing the configuration of the GA tag and its triggering rules, save the settings:

Please remember to submit and publish the new tags:

If you have additional questions, please contact us at:

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