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How to integrate with CallPage via Zapier?
How to integrate with CallPage via Zapier?

Get to know how to integrate with CallPage via zapier?

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You can automatically send leads from CallPage using Zapier to your account.

Firstly, integrate your CallPage account with your Zapier thanks to native integration.

Go to the Integration tab and click the Zapier icon.

After you integrate CallPage account with your Zapier, create Zap:

Select CallPage as the trigger event to initiate your Zap

After that choose "Call Event" for the "Event" value and click Continue

Decide which of your CallPage account would you like to connect to and click "Continue"

Choose CallPage widget and Call Event to listen to. You can choose from the following events:

New Call
New Message

Call completed
Call missed
Call scheduled
Data added
Meeting new
Meeting changed
Meeting cancelled

Select the record (one of your leads from your CallPage dashboard) and click the "Continue" button

Select your account, and then choose one of the following events:

Then, choose the action's details (example below):

Test action and publish your Zap:

Go to your account and click Data -> People tab. Here you can find leads from the CallPage dashboard:

By editing a contact in, you can check the data related to a given lead that you obtained using CallPage (right column)

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