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How to set up CallPage integration with Zapier?
How to set up CallPage integration with Zapier?

Learn how to integrate CallPage with Zapier and create Zaps!

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Zapier allows integrating CallPage with 3000+ available apps.

You can integrate CallPage with your favorite applications in both ways:

  • Send data from CallPage using Call Event Trigger

  • Send data to CallPage and initiate an instant call back using Create Call Action

How to integrate CallPage with other applications via Zapier using Call Event as a Trigger

  1. Log in to your Zapier account

  2. Click on "Make a Zap"

  3. Search for CallPage in the Trigger section

  4. Select Call Event as a trigger

  5. Select an existing CallPage account, or connect a new one:

    If you haven't yet connected your CallPage account to Zapier, click on + Connect a new account, and in popup windows insert the CallPage API key from your CallPage


    Please make sure that the API key is generated from the owner's account in CallPage.

  6. Select the CallPage widget or CallPage virtual number that you want to integrate and pick one of six available events (let's say you want a Call Completed to be a trigger:

    New Call - triggers when a new call is generated via CallPage

    New Message - triggers when a website visitor leaves a message in your CallPage widget

    Call Completed - triggers when you complete a call with your lead

    Call Missed - triggers when a CallPage call was not answered by your agent or a website visitor.

    Call Scheduled - trigger when your leads schedule a call via CallPage Widget

    Data Added - triggers when your lead submits additional data after or before the call
    New Meeting - triggers when your leads schedule a Meeting via the CallPage Widget
    Changed Meeting - triggers when your leads change a Meeting
    Canceled Meeting - triggers when your leads cancel a Meeting

    Please note: When integrating the CallPage virtual number only 3 of 6 Call Event Triggers will work: New Call, Call Completed, Call Missed

  7. Next, in the Action stage, search for an app you want to integrate with:

  8. Let's say this will be Slack, and you want to send completed call details as a channel message. In this case, select the correct Action Event:

  9. Select the proper Account or connect a new one:

  10. Select a proper channel and configure data from the Completed Call that has to be sent:

  11. Test your Zap:

  12. And once everything is okay, Turn it on to set it live:

Remember to name your Zap. It will be now available in the list of your Zaps.

How to integrate CallPage with other applications via Zapier and initiate an instant call back using Create Call Action

This integration works just the other way around and allows you to use CallPage Call as an action triggered by another application or event.

Let's say you want to immediately call back to your new HubSpot Form submissions to guarantee the shortest time to lead:

  1. Select Trigger App and Event (in our case this will be HubSpot and New Form Submission)

  2. Select your HubSpot account, and proper form, and test the action:

  3. On the Action step, select CallPage as an app and Create Call as an Action Event:

  4. Choose your CallPage account or connect a new one:

  5. The most important step: Select a CallPage Widget or CallPage Virtual Number that you want to use for a call back in the Widget section. And in the Phone number section insert the data from the trigger app that contains the phone number with international number format (in our case this is a "phone" property from the HubSpot form)

    Please note: It is very important to collect phone numbers in the proper international format, so CallPage can initiate a callback.

  6. Once ready, Test & Continue

  7. Once ready, turn your Zap on to set it live:

Once turned on, we recommend testing the integration to make sure that the data is correct, and that you receive a callback.

Now it is time to go ahead, build Zaps with CallPage, and automate your daily work!

Check out some automation ideas we have prepared for you:

Shall you have any questions or need assistance while creating your Zaps, feel free to reach out to us at

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