Zapier provides an integration platform that allows you to automate daily tasks that involve using two or more applications. By creating a "Zap," you can define an action and set up workflows and their triggers.

1. Enter Integrations tab:

2. Choose Zapier

3. Click Authenticate with Zapier: 

4. Choose one of the trigger options, for example 'New Call':

5. Click Connect an Account: 

6. You will find your API key when you click on the link, and it will redirect you to your panel where you can create a new API key: 

Choose Create new API key

Choose the widgets/numbers for your integration or use a global key, which will include all your widgets and/or numbers: 

If you select the global key you don’t need to select permissions for your API key, but if you opt for particular widgets/numbers you will be asked to choose the permissions: 

When you are ready click Save API Key: 

Your API key will display on the list, copy it by clicking the icon: 

and place it in Zapier like shown below : 

7. Click Save + continue: 

8. Select the proper widget to create a call sample: 

9. Click Pull-in samples: 

10. Execute a test call on the previously selected widget: 

11. Choose the test call here and click Continue: 

Your integration with Zapier now ready. The next step is to create your first Zap!

Click here to learn how to create a Zap

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