In Livespace, you will find ready to use sales process that you can customize according to your business needs.

Here’s hoe you can set it up: 

1. Enter the Integrations tab:

2. Choose Livespace from the integrations’ list: 

3. First, choose the widgets or numbers for your integration: 

4. Input the name of your domain in Livespace:

5. To create this integration, you will have to log into your Livespace account and find the API keys. Head over to Account settings>>API>> to get access to API: 

6. Copy the API keys from Livespace to your CallPage dashboard: 

7. When you’ve are done filling all the form fields, click Save: 

8. Congratulations! Your integration is ready! Livespace will be displayed on the integrations’ list: 

Now your leads will automatically be redirected from CallPage panel to Livespace CRM. You will no longer have to log in to the CallPage panel and you will save a lot of time! 

Click here to discover other advantages of this integration! 

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