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What do you gain by integrating Livespace with CallPage?
What do you gain by integrating Livespace with CallPage?

Livespace is a CRM application to set clear, automated benchmarks for customer evaluation, helping to focus on the most profitable clients.

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If you integrate  CallPage with Livespace, your leads will automatically redirect from the CallPage panel to Livespace CRM. You will no longer have to log in CallPage, and you'll save a lot of time!

How does it work: 

  1. Your leads from CallPage are saved automatically in the Livespace dashboard.

  2. All your leads from CallPage have proper tags depending on the action made by your prospects, for example, leave a message, scheduled a call, call now.

  3. If a prospect leaves a message in the CallPage widget, the contents of it will show in Livespace. 

  4. All of your custom fields filled by prospects are saved in the Livespace dashboard too.

  5. You can also find the source of the lead, for example, the name of the widget or number.

Check out some live examples below: 

1. Leads saved in Livespace dashboard Contacts tab:

2. CallPage’s tags (displayed in the Contact’s details): 

3. Content of message in Contact’s details: 

4. Custom fields (name and e-mail) filled in the widget popup are automatically displayed in the contact’s details: 

5. The name of the widget or number saved in Contact’s details: 

6. All the information left in the Meetings tab on the pop-up also displays in the contact details:

Do you have any questions about this integration? Let us know!

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