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How do CallPage and Zapier integration work?
How do CallPage and Zapier integration work?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps.

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Why CallPage + Zapier?

Zapier allows integrating CallPage with 3000+ available apps.

As a result, you can automate repetitive tasks without coding or depending on developers to build the integration. Move data between your CallPage and Any other Application via Zapier automatically so that you can focus on the important tasks.

How do CallPage and Zapier integration work?

You can integrate CallPage with your favorite applications in both ways:

  • Send data from CallPage using Call Event Trigger

  • Send data to CallPage and initiate an instant call back using Create Call Action

Create a Zap in minutes

  1. Choose a trigger (Pick one of the available events in the CallPage app that starts your Zap)

  2. Choose an action (select an app and action which you would like to be automated on your behalf)

  3. Watch your Zap work for you

Available Call Event Triggers for integration with CallPage Widget

  • New Call - triggers when a new call is generated via CallPage

  • New Message - triggers when a website visitor leaves a message in your CallPage widget

  • Call Completed - triggers when you complete a call with your lead

  • Call Missed - triggers when CallPage call was not answered by your agent or a website visitor.

  • Call Scheduled - trigger when your leads schedule a call via CallPage Widget

  • Data Added - triggers when your lead submits additional data after of before the call

  • New Meeting - triggers when your leads schedule a Meeting via CallPage Widget

  • Changed Meeting - triggers when your leads change a Meeting

  • Canceled Meeting - triggers when your leads canceled a Meeting

Please note: When integrating CallPage virtual number only 3 of 6 Call Event Triggers will work: New Call, Call Completed, Call Missed

Available Actions

  • Create Call - creates a call in CallPage once triggered by another app

Ideas for Zaps: 

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Don’t wait any longer - create Zaps to smoothen your workflow and be more productive! Choose from over 3000 apps! 

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