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How does CallPage integration for Slack work?
How does CallPage integration for Slack work?

Learn more about the advantages of Slack and CallPage integration!

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Using this integration, you can connect your widgets or numbers with Slack and get real-time notifications about your incoming leads! 

  • All notifications related to new calls, scheduled calls, missed calls, etc. will be sent to your custom #channel on Slack. Pro tip - Create a new channel only for events from CallPage. 

  • The integration can also display information from your custom fields if you have deployed them and your customer fills it in.

  • You can call your prospects directly from Slack

  • Not to mention you can read messages that prospects leave on the widgets directly on Slack

Check out live examples: 

  • A message left by a prospect on the widget:

  • Call completed: 

  • Scheduled Meeting:

  • Call directly from Slack: 

Do you like it? Learn how to integrate CallPage for Slack here

To find out how CallPage will collect, manage, and store third-party data click here.

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