Follow these instructions to set up your integration with Slack. 

1. Enter the Integrations tab:

2. Choose Slack

3. Choose widgets or number for your integration: 

4. Click authenticate

5. Choose a channel for CallPage notifications. Pro tip - Create a new channel only for events from CallPage. 

6. Click Install

7. You can view it on the Integrations tab:

Hereon, you will receive notifications about all new events that happen in your CallPage account, including new calls or call scheduled on Slack. What's more, you can now call your prospects directly from Slack!

How to make calls directly from Slack? 

1. Click Call when the message appears in Slack: 

2. Click Yes: 

3. Choose the widget from where you want to make the call. This action will also save your call in the CallPage dashboard: 

Click here to view more features about the CallPage Slack integration.

In case of questions, you know what to do!

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