There are two types of notifications in CallPage:

1. E-mail notifications: sent via e-mail to the address that has been assigned to a consultant in the "My Team" tab.

Available email notifications:

Daily reports

Weekly reports

Monthly reports

The above three reports can only be received by the account owner and consultant with the administrator role. All consultants who have assigned email addresses (they have CallPage subaccounts) can receive other notifications.

Missed call

New call

New scheduled call

Scheduled call failed

Custom fields completed by a visitor

New message

2. Push notifications: sent via the application, presented in the web browser:

Available push notifications:

New Call Completed

Call completed

A visitor left additional data

New scheduled call

Updates from CallPage

New widget installed

New message

Call missed

1. To enable or disable notifications in your CallPage dashboard:o to the "My Team" tab -> Edit the consultant:

2. Then click the "Notifications" tab. In this tab, select or unmark the reports you are interested in and click the "Save" button:

Summary: Daily, weekly and monthly reports can only be received by CallPage account owners and consultants with the administrator role. All other notifications can be sent to consultants who have assigned e-mail addresses.

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