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How to configure CallPage Meetings?
How to configure CallPage Meetings?

Learn how to set up The Meetings feature to handle online and offline meetings with your customers.

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To configure the Meetings feature on your widget, follow the steps below:

  1. First, integrate your calendar with CallPage; go to Settings:

  2. Click on the Calendar tab:

  3. Choose the calendar you use at work and click Connect:

  4. You will then be taken to the login panel of the mailbox of your choice.

  5. Your integration is now ready and should be displayed as connected:

    Now you can proceed to configure the Meeting functions

  6. Go to the Meetings tab

  7. Click on Add new meeting button:

  8. Set a Name of meeting that will be visible to you in the panel:

  9. Set the Title & Description and select the Widget on which the Meeting feature should be displayed:

  10. Choose on which platforms you want to conduct online meetings (you can choose several)
    Important!!!! You need to be integrated with each of the selected platforms:

  11. Click Next:

  12. Select consultants to handle meetings. Remember that you can only plug in agent who have an integrated calendar:

  13. Select the Time zone and Availability when users can book appointments with your team members:

  14. Choose how long you want the meeting to last (Duration time) and the break between meetings (Padding time).

  15. Click Next.

  16. Select a pop-up Layout and the Booking questions you want to ask the customer before signing up for a meeting:

  17. Change the texts of the Button and the Message after booking:


    You can also add two custom names to the message {name} {company name}

    Then the message will automatically pull these names.

  18. Click Next.

  19. Choose how team members will be assigned to users:

    Optimize for availability - An agent who is available at the time selected by the client will be assigned.

    Optimize by response - An agent is assigned based on the customer's selected response.

  20. Enable or disable email notifications:

  21. Click Save and activate:

    Now you can collect more leads with CallPage Meetings and automatically schedule online and offline meetings with your potential customers.

    After scheduling a meeting, the user will receive an invitation to join the same meeting that was created in your Calendar. In the body of the email, there will be a calendar invitation with response options.

Using Your Google Services Data

The use of Callpage Meetings and the transfer of information received from Google API interfaces to other applications will be in accordance with the Google API User Data Policy, including the requirements for limited use. Currently, the service is not enabled globally for all customers, when we enable it we will update our privacy policy accordingly.

Purpose of Processing

We want to provide you with the possibility to integrate our services with the services provided by Google. The integration involves the synchronization of events from your Google calendar with events assigned to consultants in Callpage Meetings. This means that the application needs to read and add events to your Google calendar. This will allow users of the widget to book meetings taking into account the availability of consultants. The data will not be used for displaying ads or for any other purpose not related to providing the service.

Legal Basis

Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR - a necessity for the performance of a contract. The provision of some of your data is necessary to fully use our services in the scope of integrating them with Google services.

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