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How to integrate your calendar with CallPage?
How to integrate your calendar with CallPage?

Learn how to integrate your calendar to handle The Meetings feature.

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With calendar integration, we can synchronize our appointments, manage the availability of agents handling Meetings, and use video conferencing features.

Currently, we have three types of calendars that you can integrate to handle meetings using the CallPage widget:

  1. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a popular online calendar offered by Google. It provides many features such as calendar synchronization, availability management, and the ability to use video conferencing with Google Meet.

  2. MS Calendar: MS Calendar is a calendar available in Microsoft Office. It enables calendar synchronization, and availability management and offers video conferencing capabilities via the MS Teams platform.

  3. Zoom Calendar: Zoom Calendar is a calendar created by the Zoom platform, which is popular for video conferencing. While some features may be limited, it provides calendar synchronization and availability management.

How to integrate your calendar with our tool:

  1. Go to Settings:

  2. Click on the Calendar tab:

  3. Choose the calendar you use at work and click Connect:

  4. You will then be taken to the login panel of the mailbox of your choice.

  5. Your integration is now ready and should be displayed as connected:

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