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How to install CallPage on your CMS
How to install CallPage on WordPress?
How to install CallPage on WordPress?

Check how to install CallPage on WordPress.

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To install the CallPage widget on WordPress, go to the "Plugins" tab and then click "Add New":

Find the CallPage plugin in the keyword search engine, then click the "Install Now" button:

Activate the CallPage plugin:

After enabling the plugin, you will be redirected to the "Plugins" tab. Click "Settings" to add the CallPage widget code to it:

Log in to your CallPage dashboard, then go to the "Widgets" tab and add your first widget by clicking "+ Create widget":

Add your domain and widget name:

Copy the code of the CallPage widget to the clipboard and click "Finish":

Paste the widget code in the "Insert code:" window in the CallPage plugin settings. Check "Enable CallPage Widget" and "Show for logged in (administrators, authors, editors, etc.)". Then click the "Save" button:

After saving the changes, the CallPage Widget will appear on your website

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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