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How to install CallPage on Shoper?
How to install CallPage on Shoper?
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The process of installation of CallPage plugin on a website created on Shoper takes only a few minutes.

To install the CallPage widget code on Shoper, please log in to your Shoper dashboard and then go to the "Extra and integrations" tab:

Then select "Indivual integrations". In the Integrations (own integrations) window, find the "Page footer before closing </body>" section:

Then go to the CallPage dashboard to the Widgets tab -> edit widget settings -> Installation and copy the CallPage widget code to the clipboard:

Please remember to add a trusted domain in the "Installation" tab in the CallPage Panel. The trusted domain is the address of your store. You can add it in the Installation tab:

Paste the copied widget code into the "Page footer before closing </body>" window and click the "Save" button:

After saving the changes, the CallPage widget will immediately appear on your store page.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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