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How to install CallPage on ClickFunnels?
How to install CallPage on ClickFunnels?

Find out how you can install the widget on ClickFunnels

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If you want to install the widget in ClickFunnels it is necessary to use a different installation code than the one available in the Installation tab.

Here's a suitable code for installing CallPage on Clickfunnels:

<!-- BEGIN widget -->

<!-- IMPORTANT: Remove script below if you don't need support for older browsers. -->

<script>(function () {var script = document.createElement('script');script.src = '';script.async = false;document.head.appendChild(script);}())</script><script>var __cp = {"id":"XXXXXXXXXX","version":"1.1"};(function (window, document) {var cp = document.createElement('script');cp.type = 'text/javascript';cp.async = false;cp.src = "".replace(/[+]/g, '/').replace(/[=]/g, '.');var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(cp, s);if (window.callpage) {alert('You could have only 1 CallPage code on your website!');} else {/process the queue of calls/window.callpage = function (method) {if (method == '__getQueue') {return this.methods;}else if (method) {if (typeof window.callpage.execute === 'function') {return window.callpage.execute.apply(this, arguments);}else {(this.methods = this.methods || []).push({arguments: arguments});}}};window.callpage.__cp = __cp;/here comes execution/window.callpage('api.button.autoshow');}})(window, document);</script>

<!-- END widget -->

In the place of xxxxxx, put the ID of the widget, which can be found in the Installation tab:

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