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How to order CallPage Virtual Number?
How to order CallPage Virtual Number?

Learn how to get mobile, local or toll-free number for your company

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Thanks to CallPage, you can get a virtual number for your business. This can be a local phone number, mobile number, toll-free number, or even an international number from other countries.

This might be a great option just to have a phone number for your business, or use it as a caller ID for your call-back widget. Having CallPage virtual phone number you are getting access to many cool features such as IVR, call scheduling, or even call queuing.

Below, we have described a process on how you can get a virtual number for your company.

  1. To order an individual CallPage number, please go to the "Virtual Numbers" tab and click the "Order a number" button:

2. Then add a working name for your virtual number, select the country from which
you want to receive the number and select the type of number:

3. Fill in the address details and send scans of the relevant documents.

Then read the CallPage privacy policy. After filling of the form, click the
"Ask for a price" button:


You can also send scans of the necessary documents to the email address of your CallPage account manager, who will also provide support during the process of ordering the number.

4. Once done, one of CallPage team members will check the availability of the number and will get back to you with an offer.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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