How to manage your team?
Get familiar with adding consultants
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To create Agents who will answer the calls, please go to the My Team tab and start adding your team members. 

Let’s begin by adding an Agent:

1. Click on the My Team tab 

The first Agent by default is always the Account Owner - the person who registered and set up the account

2. Click +Add Teammate:

3. Enter the necessary details of your Agent (name, phone number). Here you can also choose the role for your Agent (level of access in the CallPage account): 

4. For security reasons, please verify the number. You can choose either: Send the code via SMS or Call. Type the validation code and submit it using the form below. 

5. Assign your Agent to the widget by clicking Edit teammate > Assignments:

6. Choose widgets for the Agent: 

Congratulations! You’ve just configured the basic settings of your widget work.

If you have any problems with managing the team, contact us :) 

We will help you to set up a team of Agents. 

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