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How to use the Leads tab?
How to use the Leads tab?

Congrats! You received your first lead - check out the data you have.

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All your leads are saved in the Leads tab. You can use filters to search them, analyze the conversations, and see the lead details.

 Check out the most essential features.

1. Go to the Leads tab: 

 2. The data about your Leads are displayed on the list: 


Call Types

 There are 4 types of calls: 

  • Call (incoming and outgoing) 

  • Scheduled call (Users can order the call for a chosen day and time) 

  • Message (Users can also leave a message) 

  • ASAP call (when all Agents are busy, the User can wait for an Agent) 


Call statuses:

The CallPage system is ringing right now. The called party is receiving the call. Waiting to pick up.

In progress - the call is now processing, and the Agent is currently talking to the User

Completed - the call was completed successfully

Missed (Agent) - unfortunately, the Agent didn't answer the call. 

Missed (User) - the Agent didn’t answer the call or was busy at that moment.

ASAP call (Successful call) - A call is generated to the User when the Agent finishes the current call.

ASAP call (failed) - Call generated to the User when the Agent finishes the current call.

Scheduled - the User ordered a scheduled call

Scheduled (Agent) - the Agent didn't answer the ordered call

The ordered call was manually canceled by the User.

Failed call due to a problem with the local operator.

Lead called back (Successful Call) - an answered call made from the panel by an Agent

Lead called back (missed) - a missed call made from the panel by an Agent

Messages statuses:

Message - The user left a message

Meeting statuses:

The user booked a meeting.

The user rescheduled the meeting.

The user turned down the meeting.

The meeting ended.

Leads details

Call from/by 

Here’s the information from which source the lead comes (widget/number). You can see here the widgets/numbers that generate the most successful calls.


In this column, you can see which Agent answered the call. 

Call duration


You can also use filters in the Leads tab: 

 Use the basic filters to sort different lead categories: 


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