The pop-up can be displayed not only by clicking the button but also by using the scoring system. 

When a person visits your website, performs actions as predefined in the CallPage scoring system, the visitor receives a certain number of points.

 When the website visitor scores a sufficient number of points, the system recognizes him as a potential customer and displays the CallPage pop-up. 


Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s go through the basic setting up of scoring rules: 

1. Go to the Widgets tab

2. Click Edit widget settings

3. Click the Engagement subtab:

4. You can see the score value. When the user reaches the value, the pop-up triggers. You can choose this value individually for all your widgets: 

5. You can also select whether the pop-up window should be displayed only once or several times in a single session:

6. In this article, we will discuss 3 basic scoring rules:

  • The user tries to leave the website [exit-intent] 

A person who is visiting your website receives points when he/she tries to leave the website.

  • User has visited the website before [old-user]

Scoring system assigns points if the website visitor has already visited your website in the past.

  • Scroll offset [scroll-to] 

Scoring system assigns points for scrolling through the website. 

Points can be assigned according to:

a) Pixel value, e.g. 500px

b) Website height percentage, e.g. 70%

c) DOM element. It should be given as a jQuery-style selector e.g. body, #my-selector, .my-class:first, etc.

7. To edit scoring rule click here: 

8. You can change the score weight here: 

9. You can also set up a pop-up title for all visitors with a trigger from this particular scoring rule: 

Here’s how it looks like in the pop up window: 

Remember that the scoring rules are designed in a manner to limit the display of a pop-up window on a website, so as not to attack the user with it, as this may discourage them. Therefore, a rule that has been implemented once for a given user will not be applied for that user again.

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