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How to turn off the widget after the agent's working hours?If you don’t want the widget to be displayed on your website after agents' working hours, you can turn off the widget.
How to turn on calls’ recording?Calls’ recording option is available if you have a Professional, Premium or Individual plan.
How to turn on and turn off widget on mobile devices?Check how to turn on and turn off widget on mobile devices.
Heard of scoring rules yet?They are going to be your new best friend! Learn how to use them,
How to change the widget window’s language?Check how can you change the widget window’s language?
How to change the domain assigned to the widget?Check how to change the domain assigned to the widget.
How to change the text in the pop-up window?Check how to edit the text in the pop-up window and personalize the messages to your audience.
How to customize marketing agreement in the pop-up window?You can edit the marketing consent text depending on your needs and business profile. You can easily make changes in the Widgets tab.
How to turn off flags on the pop-up?If you don’t want to have your country flag appearing in the pop-up window, you can easily disable it in the Widgets tab.
Statistics - what they measure and how to turn them off?The statistics shown on the widget perform a marketing function. They show the visitors on your website the interest in using Callpage.
How to turn off some of the contact forms on the pop-up window?Your potential customers have three options for contact with you: instant call back, scheduled call for later and leaving a message.
How to change the suggested number format?You can change the number that displays on the pop-up in the Widget settings.
How to change the pop-up text while the departments are set up?Check how to change the pop-up text while the departments are set up
How to withdraw consent to sharing my analytics data with CallPage company?You can easily withdraw your consent to share your analytics data from your website for CallPage in the Widgets tab.
Widgets tab
Configure My Call FormLearn how to connect with a customer after filling out My Call Form