Configure My Call Form

Learn how to connect with a customer after filling out My Call Form

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With this feature, after completing and submitting the contact form on our client's website, the user will receive an immediate and automatic call to the number provided in the form.

This feature works for two types of forms:

  • for forms after submission of which the page reloads,

  • for forms after submission of which the page does not reload.

  1. Go to the Widget tab:

  2. Next, go to My Call Form:

  3. Fill in Your form CSS selector and Your input name:

  4. Save:


In order for the My Call Form function to work correctly, it is ENTIRELY necessary for the user to enter a number with a country prefix (e.g. +48XXXXXXXXX) into the form. If the client does not force the user to enter the number with the country prefix, it is necessary for the user to make such a change in this field.

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