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How to configure Call Tracking in CallPage?
How to configure Call Tracking in CallPage?
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1. Call Tracking service requires at least one Virtual CallPage number. To order an individual CallPage number, please go to the "Virtual Numbers" tab and click the "Order a number" button:

Then add a working name for your virtual number, select the country from which you want to receive the number, and select the type of number:

In case of any doubts, please contact your CallPage account manager.

2. Create a Call Tracking campaign in CallPage. To do this, go to the "Call Tracking" tab and click "add campaign":

Select the Static Call Tracking option:

Add a name for your campaign and a short description. Then assign a virtual number to the new campaign and click the SAVE button:

b) Dynamic Call Tracking. Dynamic Call Tracking uses several telephone numbers. Each agent is attached to specific virtual numbers. When a call is triggered, the tracker will automatically determine which campaign your customer is coming from.

Select the Dynamic Call Tracking option:

Add a name for the new campaign and its description. Add a number or virtual numbers to be assigned to your campaign:

Set the time for which the ordered number will be displayed during the customer session. After the specified time has ended, the next number will be assigned from the pool of assigned numbers:

In the UTM Parameters section, add the following values:

mandatory fields to be completed:

  • UTM Source: the search engine or platform from which the user of your website
    comes (Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Newsletter, etc.)

  • UTM Medium: the type of campaign the user comes from (organic, ppc, cpc, etc.)

  • UTM Campaign: The name of your ad

    additional fields:

  • UTM Term: Paid Search Keywords

  • UTM Content: used to distinguish similar content or links in the same advertising

    The example of the correct configuration of the UTMs values:

    Add a trusted domain or domains for which you will use Call Tracking. You can skip the HTTP protocol or its encrypted HTTPS version. Confirm the entered data by pressing the "SAVE" button.

    If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department:

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