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How to connect CallPage with Zoom?
How to connect CallPage with Zoom?

Learn how to integrate your Zoom to CallPage to get access to the Meetings function.

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  1. Go to the Meetings tab

  2. Click on Add new meeting button:

  3. Set a Name of meeting that will be visible to you in the panel:

  4. Set the Title & Description and select the Widget on which the Meeting feature should be displayed:

  5. Choose Zoom as your location:

  6. Save changes:

  7. Click on the Zoom integration page:

  8. You'll be redirected to the Zoom log-in page:

  9. Log in to your Zoom account.

Now that your Zoom is integrated you can handle meetings on this platform and move on to the next step of creating Meetings. Go to the full instruction.

Disconnecting the Zoom Integration

  1. To disconnect integration with Zoom, please go to the Meetings tab.

  2. Select the Meeting for which you want to disconnect the integration.

  3. Under the General Settings tab, go to Location and you will see that Zoom is connected. Click on the Disconnect button and you should see a confirmation message once the integration is disconnected.

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