Zendesk Support is a simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. It puts all your customer support interactions in one place, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient.

Step 1:
Go to customer panel in CallPage, choose integrations >>

Create new integrations. Pick app, which you want to integrate with your account.

Step 2: Choose Zendesk from the list of available integrations, and select the widgets, on which you want to install the integration.

Step 3: Add a description (an alias) which will help you to recognize your new integration.

Step 4: You will find all necessary data into your Zendesk account. Next choose Zendesk Dashboard "Settings" > "Channels" > "API".

Step 5: Fill in the appropriate fields and click 'Save'.

All leads you receive will be automatically redirected from your CallPage account to Zendesk.

 We hope that you will enjoy working with our widget!

If you have any questions regarding CallPage don't hesitate to contact us.

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