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How does CallPage integration with HubSpot work?
How does CallPage integration with HubSpot work?

The best way to interact with your customers? Phone calls! Learn more about our integration with HubSpot!

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Do you use HubSpot and want to gain more valuable leads? Or maybe you’re using CallPage, and you would like to manage leads easily with HubSpot? Now it's possible! Here's introducing the CallPage integration with HubSpot that opens up many new possibilities!

This integration allows you to manage your sales calls right from the HubSpot CRM flawlessly. It enables managers and sales reps to increase productivity, improve workflows, gain more leads, and quickly turn them into customers!

Making inbound calls has never been this easy

Gain efficiency by using Call via CallPage! Now you can make calls with just one click and without even leaving HubSpot or switching screens.

By integrating CallPage with HubSpot you can automatically create new contacts associated with comments and relevant information. The customer’s history will provide your sales team with a full overview and context before making the call.

Manage your leads more efficiently

With the CallPage HubSpot integration, you get call recordings straight to your contact’s activity. Your managers and sales reps can add notes and comments linked with the recording and your new lead! Go through the recordings before making your next calls and boost your conversion rates. All the essential data in one place! 

All data together

Automatically log all your statistics and data connected with phone calls such as the number of total calls or the average call duration. Get a complete overview of your sales communication, current efficiency, and conversions.

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