How to use promo codes?
In this article you will learn how to use promo codes when subscribing to your CallPage Plan
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In CallPage from time to time, we run different promotions and exclusive offers for our new or existing customers. You may receive this promo code from CallPage Team directly or from your friends / colleagues.

Here we will show you how to easily use coupons when subscribing to a CallPage plan and receive a generous discount. 

Getting started

As a first step what you need to do is to make sure that you have registered for your CallPage account. You can do it in few minutes HERE.

Using the promo code

If you already have your account, navigate to BILLING TAB inside your CallPage account and under SUBSCRIPTION click on CHANGE PLAN.

Then select the Plan that’s right for your business.

Fill out your Company data if you want to purchase as a Company or Personal data if you're buying as a Person to receive the correct invoice.

Select the type of subscription (monthly or annually) and mark I have a coupon.

Next, paste your promo code in the field. The price will be recalculated accordingly.

Please note that you need to make sure that you have selected correct payment period for your coupon. Some coupons apply only to monthly payments and others to annual ones as shown below:

Click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT and enter your card details in the pop-up field and click Subscribe.
Voilà, you've done it :)

Should you have any trouble using promo codes, feel free to email us at, and we will be happy to help you.

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