You can set days off for your consultants depending on widgets and numbers which they are assigned. Need to give a day off only on one of your consultant’s widget? No problem! 

  1. Go to the My Team tab: 

2. Choose Consultant Days Off and for Which Widgets or Numbers you want to display consultant's days off.: 

3. You can add consultant days off for one of your consultants or a group of them: 

4. We are going to add a day off for a consultant. First, choose the consultant here:

5. Choose widgets or numbers

6. The calendar will then display for you to select the days off for the consultant.

7. Remember to Save

8. You can also check the days off using the same method as described above. The highlighted days are the days off of the consultant:

9. Repeat the same steps to set days off for a group of consultants: 

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to double check if the consultants are assigned to the selected widgets or numbers before! 

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